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Manufacturer of plasma and gas cutter

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KT7 CNC is a completely Polish capital, based on world-class technological developments and a team of engineers who are constantly working to improve plasma cutters and plotters.

KT7 CNC team on the Polish market of industrial automation has been present for many years. More than a decade of experience of specialists in various fields resulted in the appearance of CNC cutters and plotters manufactured in Poland. Localization of production in the country. This translates into the quality of workmanship, the adjustment to the needs of SMEs and the possibility of prompt delivery of the ordered product to the customer.

The history of the company, as in many cases, has its origins in a joint search for a solution by a few specialists from different industries. KT7 CNC found that the Polish and European markets lacked a product that combines high quality and price adjusted to the market realities of small and medium enterprises.

It was decided to launch a serial production of Polish plasma cutters - so far they have been recognized in more than a hundred companies in which they are a regular component of the machine park.

Full reproducibility of production in one model is one of the most important distinguishing features of the KT7 CNC cutter. This greatly simplifies the operation and service of machines. The company also places a modern help system for its customers, not only in emergency situations, but also in everyday use - KT7 customers have a customer service department where highly qualified technicians are involved in the design, manufacture and testing

Servicers are constantly working with the design and production team to quickly and easily provide telephone guidance to every customer and, if needed, the customer's time to reach their destination and help solve any problems.

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KT7 CNC focuses on the design and manufacture of plasma and gas cutters that streamline and speed up production processes.

Maximum simplification of construction while maintaining the full functionality of the cutters makes them quick and trouble-free. The KT7CNC cutters are extremely easy to work with, so they do not have to spend a lot of time training and learning foreign languages ​​from start to finish. In addition, end-user consumption is low in consumption of consumables, raw materials and low emissions of gases.

KT7 CNC plasma and gas cutters are manufactured in a mounting tape system, which significantly expands on their attractive price and at the same time allows for increased precision in assembly itself.

The high quality of the cutters, their aesthetic appearance and attractive price make the number of customers from Poland and Europe increasing year by year, thanks to the presence of the company at the most important national and foreign trade fairs and exhibitions, they decide to supplement the machine park with the Polish branded product. KT7 CNC

These qualities were also appreciated in 2015 and 2016 at numerous machine fairs and industrial automation.

CNC Plotter manufacturer for Plasma Cutters

About KT7 CNC

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