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KT7 CNC is an innovation company in most key aspects of the business.

The innovation of KT7 is expressed
In four basic areas.

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Innovation in product and production

KT7 cutters and plotters are the only CNC machines that can be called compact by their dimensions.KT7 CNC Engineers without the detriment of functionality have designed and produced yet another generation of machines that can successfully be the basic equipment of the machine park of every machinist in the metalworking industry.Exactly small dimensions in combination with standard, for this type of industrial equipment, the possibilities are the uniqueness of the product offered by KT7.

The innovation of KT7 products is the fact that they are manufactured in Poland as standard - according to clearly defined quality and functional criteria. The KT7 designers team continually tests the latest developments in the field of component manufacturing that can be used to design new generation CNC cutters.Before any part goes into serial production, it goes through a sharp selection, both in terms of accuracy and performance. This gives users KT7 CNC cutters and plotters the confidence that by adding machinery to KT7 CNC products they invest in reliable quality.

Innovation in the area of ​​the product has been appreciated many times. Through awards and distinctions gained by the company in 2015 and 2016 at international trade fairs.

Innovation in the area of ​​the offer

Excellent knowledge of the Polish market and companies from the SME sector, many years of experience in the daily work with CNC machines were the basis for creating a cost-effective product for small and medium-sized companies operating in Poland. One of the principles in the design of the new generation of CNC cutters and plotters is the conviction that these machines are the tools of work and are intended to contribute to the profitability of their buyers.

This approach forces all KT7 staff to innovate and focus first and foremost on meeting customer needs.As a result, CNC cutters and plotters have been created to minimize material losses, greater than standard life, more environmentally friendly (lower gas emissions) and easier handling (including Polish menus, USB communication, etc.).

Innovative in the service area

With proven solutions in other industries, the KT7 service and after-sales service is implemented in a single point of contact (SPOC) system.This means that before it becomes necessary, technicians from the customer service department are able to provide telephone information that allows 90% of the time to address potential problems encountered by users of CNC cutters and plotters.

Only if a problem is so complex that it can not be solved with the help of telephone consultation, KT7 CNC has a team of specialists to solve any problem at the customer's premises. This stage, as is the case for logistics, takes place in the door to door system - the customer makes a visit to the KT7 team, which is quick and easy to restore the standard functionality of the machine.

Thanks to the serial production in the KT7 CNC, always have all spare parts needed for any repair. The goal of KT7's specialists is to minimize downtime.

Innovation in the area of ​​logistics

The production of CNC cutters and plotters, which takes place in KT7, is one of the factors determining the unique door to door sales model that can be realized within a short time. It means that the customer from the moment of purchase can have in his company ready to use in the production of CNC machine exactly when it is necessary to start production. Thanks to this, KT7 customers save time, production space and resources - as cutters with plotters always arrive at their destination on time.

Transport and installation of the machine at the designated place is done by KT7 specialists, who also provide basic training for the staff working on the cutter. The advantage of this solution is also the total lack of risk, on the client side, related to the transport of equipment to the production halls.

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KT7 CNC Innovations

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