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Trade Fair 2017

The 10th Sheet and Cutting Trade Fair
KIELCE 28-30 March 2017
Innovations, Technologies, Machinery ITM POLSKA-MACHTOOL
June 6-9, 2017
22-25 September 2017
International Fair of Machine Tools, Tools and Processing Technologies EXPO SILESIA-TOOLEX
3-5 October 2017
International Trade Fair of Machine Tools, Tools and Equipment for Materials Processing EUROTOOL
November 28-30, 2017
KT7 CNC - Stoisko targowe - targi

In 2016 KT7 CNC was present at the following Fair events

November 7-9, 2016

The 1ST EDITION WARSAW INDUSTRY WEEK International Exhibition and Congress Center - PTAK Warsaw EXPO

In 7-9 November, the International Exhibition and Congress Center - PTAK Warsaw EXPO hosted a wide group of Industrial Specialists and Experts. Opportunities for the meeting were the premiere edition of the International Industrial Fair WARSAW INDUSTRY WEEK 2016. During the event, all the branches of the industry were presented: machines and tools for metalworking, wood processing, plastics processing, automation and robotics of industrial processes and software, industrial metrology, cutting and Grinding, research and development, occupational safety and much more.

KT7 CNC also decided at this fair to present its machines, which in Warsaw also caused some confusion. The company has been certified by the Partner of the Founder of Wars Fair in the Industry Week, and its representatives have managed to establish a number of promising contacts.

October 18-20, 2016 - two fair events at one time

International Machine Tool Fair, Equipment for Materials Processing EUROTOOL KRAKÓW and ExpoWELDING 2016 International Welding Fair in Sosnowiec

Extremely important date in the history of Kt7 CNC. In parallel, the two leading events in this part of Europe were the first time the daylight has seen the company's latest machine. A world-class solution in the home market, effortlessly fighting the competition on the domestic and foreign markets.

Machine with portal construction with working area up to 4000mm. Width and 26000mm. Lengths with a dedicated set of air modules, filtered ventilation produced in Poland. Portal KPPG 200-300 from the opening day of the fair in Sosnowiec and Cracow is available to anyone in any dimension of the work area, with any strong plasma source and fully automated gas support.

6 October 2016.


The second and not the last visit in Sosnowiec in 2016 was for Kt7 CNC full of emotions. Thanks to excellent exposures, perfect machines and extensive information about the company in the Polish magazine industry, the attendance of visitors was on record. Lots of new acquaintances, business relationships, and socializing was a proof of that. It is safe to say that Expo Silesia has strengthened the KT7 CNC brand on the European and Eastern markets.

September 23-26, 2016


AGRO SHOW has been seen for years as an excellent place to present the latest and most modern agricultural machinery and equipment. It is also a comprehensive exhibition, during which your current offer is presented by fertilizer manufacturers, seeds, plant protection products, companies from the financial sector and other agricultural sectors.

Metal processing is a perfect fit for the large exhibitors and industries focused around agriculture. Both individual farmers and companies addressing their products to farmers were crowded with the Kt7 CNC, which is not surprising becase working plasma machines are extremely spectacular phenomenon.

June 7-10, 2016

 Salon of Tool Tools POZNAŃ

Poznan salon,rightly regarded as one of the most important exhibition events of the metal industry, also in 2016 was the opportunity to host Kt7 CNC. The attention of the crowd caught the plasma machine SPEED KSP 150-300, which at this fair had its premiere. Enthusiastic party did not miss out on the industry media, so in the Polish Machine Tool magazine and Kt7 CNC magazine there was an extensive article.

March 9-11

The 9th STOM-BLECH & CUTTING Cutting and Cutting Trade Fair

Exhibitors, STOM, EXPO-SURFACE, CONTROL-STOM, PNEUMATICON, WIRTOPROCESSES, WELTOPROCESSES are very impressive. These events have traditionally been a joint presentation of more than 700 exhibitors from Poland, Germany, Turkey, Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Denmark and the Netherlands

Within the broadly defined cutting technology sector – CUTTING You could see the leading cutting machines manufacturers, including BOMAR, PILOUS, laser and plasma cutting machines. At the stands of TRUMPF, H & S, KT7 CNC, MAZAK, AMADA, ECKERT AS, POLTEKNIK, STIGAL, AJAN Turkey, POWER TECH, LaserTec and HYPERTHERM. Kt7 CNC has shown at its stand that metalworking machines can be even more human-friendly. The higher level of ergonomics was provided by the specially designed and produced attachment for the first time the MINI KMP 100-100

February 16-18, 2016

ExpoCUTTING 2016

 ExpoCUTTING Cutting Technology Fair

The great start of the 2016 fair season took place in Sosnowiec at the ExpoCutting 2016 event. During the Fair there were practical demonstrations of machines moving in the process of cutting and grinding technology, and the visitors had an opportunity to get acquainted with a wide range of industry offers of domestic and foreign companies. The KT7 CNC machine simply could not miss it.

CNC Plotter manufacturer for Plasma Cutters

KT7 CNC - trade fair events

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