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Stoły plazmowe KT7 CNC

The main advantages of KT7 plasma cutters are:

  1. New machine control system based on a dedicated, fully authoritative driver
  2. KT7 SKTG 5.5 kW COMBO dedicated screw compressor with advanced filtration system and cold drier
  3. Lubrication system in the Y-axis guides greatly facilitates maintenance and increases the service life
  4. High precision gear wheels responsible for the movement of the gate in the X axis
  5. High quality HIWIN guides
  6. Series of changes in the material-based system with new generation sensors
  7. Themes allowing for easy transport of the machine using forklift trucks
  8. Hypertherm - Most Popular: Powermax 105
  9. Significantly increased load capacity of the table due to complete remodeling of the structure
  10. Ballpoints in the machine axis to facilitate the application of material sheets
  11. Water table for cleaner cutting, cooling of material, reduction of gas emissions and significant reduction of labor costs
  12. Integrated control panel, with high transparency, increasing ergonomics

KT7 CAM PL software in Polish:

  • firing beyond the useful edge of the arc, straight or tangent
  • cutting on a specific technology path
  • Import DXF files
  • Defined list of more than 200 cutting tools
  • Semi automatic decomposition
  • The ability to stack multiple types of parts on a sheet
  • External, internal offsets
  • selection of burning parameters

KT7 CNC plasma cutters also have:

  • Molded and tempered grinders and wheels
  • A gate driven by two dependent hybrid engine couplings
  • Autonomous PLC CNC native production
  • Ergonomic control panel, adjustable in two planes, screen protected by tempered glass
  • LSCG - Leveling System Chamfering Gates - door-based procedure to avoid chamfering in axes Y to X
  • TSC - Torch Sensor Control - a unique dual-tracking system, which further protects the burner from accidental damage.
  • Stop & Go - a system to simulate the burning process, easy start, manual burning
  • QS - Quick Start - Ready to start the machine in less than 1 min.
  • RBE - Rotary Basing Edge - Innovative metal sheeting without the need for material perpendicular / parallel to the table
  • DR - Dynamic Referencing - the easy-to-use dynamic point-of-procedure 0,0, useful for handling unwanted formats or clipping.

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    Advantages of KT7 CNC cutters

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