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Plasma cutter SPEED

KSP 150-300
SPEED plasma cutter | Plasma cutting machines, plasma and gas plotters

Technical data

KT7 CNC plasma cutter


Plasma cutter SPEED

Work field:

3000 x 1500 mm

Dimensions dl x h x h 3600x2050x1350 mm
Travel speed 25000 mm/min
Load capacity 4000kg
Type of table water
Ventilation NO
Agragat power from 65A to 125A
Gas burner NO
Compact design YES
Portal construction NO
Weight of finished table 1500kg
X drive Single
Drive Y Single mechanically coupled
Drive Z Single Drive
Possibility of transporting forklift YES
Ball conveyors for easy application of material YES
CAM software YES
Nesting Automated Option
Automatic Y axis lubrication system Option
Ergonomic control panel adjustable in two planes, monitor screen covered with toughened glass YES
TSC - Torch Sensor Control - a unique dual-tracking system that further protects the burner from accidental damage YES
Stop & Go - a system to simulate the burning process, easy start, hand-burning YES
QS - Quick Start - Quick start machine ready in less than 1 min. YES
RBE - Rotary Basing Edge - Innovative Metal Sheeting No need for stacking perpendicular / parallel to the table YES
DR - Dynamic Referencing - easy-to-use dynamic point-to-point procedure 0.0 suitable for handling untypical formats or clipping YES
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Plasma cutter SPEED - KSP 150-300

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