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For CNC plasma cutting machines

Simplified procedure

  • minimum formalities
  • You can get a decision even without submitting financial and registration documents
  • ID card and ID card only.
  • Initial decision in 15 minutes.
  • Financing from 12 to 72 months
  • First charge of 10%

Send sms tel. +48 570 77 88 88

or email e-mail

and get the decision in 15 minutes.

Leasing fabryczny KT7 CNC

The benefits of leasing to the lessee:

  • Low involvement of own capital,
  • optimization of tax burden (tax shield),
  • possibility to settle VAT

ABC leasing

Leasing - one of the contractual civil relations. Within the lease, one of the contracting parties (the lessor, the lessor) gives the other party (beneficiary, lessee) the right to use certain property (fixed asset) for a period agreed upon in the lease agreement, in return for agreed installment payments (leasing installments).

Leasing name is derived from the English word to lease, meaning to rent, rent (Anglo-Saxon law does not distinguish leases from leases, just as it does not distinguish leases from them).

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